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Ayahuasca retreat Peru mandala

The 13-day retreat ($1987)

Sometimes people are looking for a deeper and longer dive to achieve their goals. It can either be more damage that needs to be processed in order to heal. Or they are ready to step to a new level of their development and unlock more of their potential.


For these seekers, we have a prolonged 13-Day retreat that is designed to give them more time, more help, and more healing.

During the 13 days, our shamans will conduct 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies followed by the care provided by our staff to help with the integration of the lessons learned.


The ceremony can be emotionally and energetically demanding therefore our team is providing support to help the participants to get the best results possible. Every morning we are conducting meditation and yoga sessions to provide the participants with the necessary toolkit for navigation and self-help during the ceremony. 

The environment of the center is designed to give everyone enough space for self-preparation before the ceremony and the digestion of the experience afterward. 

We respect, protect and facilitate the privacy necessary for a deep dive.

The 13-Day retreat includes:

  • 6 traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies  

       (lead by our trusted shamans and assisted by our staff)

  • Small groups  

       (maximum 8 people)

  • Accommodation  

       (12 nights in a double room. more details

  • Three meals/day (on the non-ceremony day) Two meals/day (on the ceremony day) following a healing diet

       Personal consultations with the shaman 

  • One Hapé/Rapéh ceremony

        (conducted by our experienced Hapé/Rapéh Master)

  • One Kambo ceremony

         (conducted by our experienced Kambo Master)

  • Airport pickup and Drop off 

        ( we take care of the overall transfer before and after the retreat)

  • Satellite Wi-Fi 

  • Translation of the entire program when needed

        ( we  provide English/Spanish,/Russian/Romanian cross-                                   translation)

  • Meditation sessions in the morning 

  • Yoga sessions in the morning  

  • Self-service laundry

        ( we provide all the tools and necessities)

  • Excursion to the jungle

        (conducted by our certified guide)

  • Sunset on the beach of the Amazon

        (during the dry season)

The total price is $1987

Click on "REGISTER NOW" for your retreat dates in the schedule. Afterward, we would need some health-related information to be filled in a Google Form.
As a final stage, we require a 300$ deposit (via PayPal) and a video call to finalize the booking to explain the preparation process.
The rest of the sum is paid in cash (USD) upon arrival at the center.




Nov 20 - Dec 2, 2023


Dec 18 - 30, 2023


Jan 8 - 20, 2024

Feb 5 - 17, 2024

Feb 12 - 24, 2024


Mar 11 - 23, 2024

Mar 18 - 30, 2024


Apr 15 - 27, 2024

Apr 22 - 4 May, 2024

May 20 - 1 June, 2024

May 27 - 8 June, 2024


Jun 24 - 6 July, 2024

Jul 1 - 13, 2024

Jul 29 - 10 Aug, 2024

Aug 5 - 17, 2024
















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