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Our Accomodation

In our Ayahuasca retreat center, we provide comfortable rooms that are equipped with all the necessary conditions

Double Room (convertible into a single room):

 In each room, we have a comfortable double bed (the 2nd double bed can be added upon request), towels, a fresh bed linen set, and charging sockets. The room is screened from mosquitoes and has a fan and a built-in bathroom with a shower.

We hope that you understand that in the jungle, a hot shower is as rare as a unicorn. So you might be interested in some advanced health-related techniques :)

Our goal is to keep the balance between your comfort and allowing you to be as close and connected to Nature as possible.

The guesthouse is located near our lagoon and the trees where several bird families and a couple of iguanas are living. 

Although we would like you to connect with them instead of browsing the internet, you will nevertheless have access to high-speed satellite Wi-Fi :).

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