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Additional plant medecines

Ayahuasca is one of the most powerful medicines when it comes to cleaning and expanding your mind.


That being said, besides Ayahuasca there is a whole lot of other medicines that can help shape your health and overall well-being.


Imagine your mind and the body is a car. 

Because of some circumstances, a car accident happened. Let's say that the damage done is so big that the whole car is literally bent in half. So it looks pretty bad. 

The conclusion is simple - your car desperately needs an urgent repair.


You go to a car workshop for that. The best workshop in town belongs to Señora Ayahuasca. This old lady is famous for the fact that she can undo incredible damage and make work even a half-destroyed vehicle. 

After the hardest part of the work is done by Ayahuasca herself, she is calling her assistants that can fix the paint, replace the windows and make the final strokes before your car will shine anew again.


Here will be mentioned a number of medicines that can continue the healing initiated by the Ayahuasca.

The Kambo Ceremony

One of the most famous assistants of Ayahuasca that can bring your body to a new level of health is the Kambo frog and its gifts.


Before describing the ceremony itself, it must be said that the method of collecting the poison from the frog is not harmful to the frog. The frog is caught, then it is “milked” of its poison and then released.


     The Kambo ceremony is conducted by a Kambo Master. This is the person preparing the medicine and applying it. To prepare it, he needs to catch the frog.  For that, he must go at night and spot the little green pharmacist in complete darkness only by the very specific sound it makes. After that,  he collects the poison and puts it on a flat stick. When the poison dries out on the stick it is transportable and ready to be used.


    Before the Kambo ceremony, a little preparation is needed. The key word here is “water”. And to understand why, you must know what is the effect of the Kambo overall.

    Kambo acts as a very intense way of detoxification of your body. After being applied, the poison boosts the excretory system. This can be experienced by very intense sweating, vomiting, etc. So the body releases the toxins and evacuates them.

It is important to drink a large amount of water to flush from your body all the dirt the poison is going to dig out. This will make the experience softer and the results deeper. So it is advisable to drink around a liter of water before the Kambo ceremony.


To apply the poison, the Kambo Master is making a small round burn on your shoulder ( or sometimes on the leg). After that, he takes the poison from the stick and applies it to the wound. As a result, the poison makes its way into the bloodstream and starts its work.


The duration of the effects lasts from 5 to 30 minutes. 

The intensity of experience depends on several factors. The main ones are personal tolerance, the number of burns where the poison was applied, and the freshness of the poison. 


The role of the Kambo Master is to prepare high-quality medicine in advance, decide on the right dosage and make sure that the person is safely guided during the ceremony.


At the end of the ceremony, most people feel really tired and they have a long and deep sleep. When they wake up, many say that they feel born again.


   The Kambo ( Phyllomedusa bicolor ) is an amazing-looking green frog that so happens to possess one of the strongest natural cleaning methods currently known.

In the wilderness, it protects itself by secreting a special type of poison from its skin. Oddly enough, the healers of the Amazon figured that that poison can have a very strong medicinal effect if applied in a specific way during a kambo ceremony.

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