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Our founder and the backbone of the whole center. 

It required a leap of faith from his side to move to Peru and start developing our center as a means to personal healing and helping others.  His knowledge, wisdom, and persistence act like glue for the whole team. To know this man is to be certain that there are people in this world that never give up.

He is in charge of the financial part, planning our development, connecting with guests, planting trees, playing stick with Arriba, feeding the cats, eating coconuts, and helping everyone else with any task at hand.



If you are attracted to things of beauty with many facets, we have good news for you .. we have Julia!

As Joshua's wife, she already deserves a monument, but she has in her sleeve so much more. 

Julia is helping with the financial part,  website, and growth strategy. Her solid scientific background in medicine allows us to rely on her in case of any emergency.  

You won't expect that she combines a passion for knives, sewing, sound healing, yoga, and hiking until you see it!

 All that being said, Julia is one of those people that eat watermelon with a spoon, but we accept her as she is. Not even Julia is perfect.

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Jino was born in the jungle and after adding a lot of hard work he became a remarkable guide and teacher. He has a kaleidoscope of knowledge about local nature. He can explain for hours the intricate details of how the jungle works and what we can learn from it.

He is making sure everything at the center works properly. He supervises everything and can solve any challenge that can appear our way.

Moreover, he is the bridge between the center and the local community and takes care of the execution of all the plans. He conducts excursions to the forest for our guests, is a member of the local bird-loving society, is a wonderful karaoke singer, and is a proud father and husband.


Lady Diana

Besides having such an unusual name, Lady is the keeper of the most important part of our bodies - our stomachs. 

Although she has quite a wide variety of recipes in her arsenal, for the ayahuasca diet she keeps dishes very simple. Nevertheless, because she is infusing so much love into cooking, the simplest rice becomes unimaginably delicious. And that's exactly why she is our Kitchen Queen. 

Also among her duties are taking care of the guest's rooms, doing the laundry, perfecting her English, playing with the kittens, and getting angry at the dogs which steal the food from the cats.



Maestro Lenin is our woodworking wizard. 

He lives in the nearby village and he is the person that gets things done. He loves carpentry and wants to teach his son this craft.

Whether you need a new building or to restore an old chair, you know whom to address. He has golden hands!

Besides, Lenin is busy driving the boats we have, taking charge of security of the center, and loving his puppies ( he has two - Mashia and Baico on the photo).



Ivan was somehow brought by the River and fell in love with the place, the team, and the local sun.

Initially, he was struggling a lot with the mosquitoes. Now it seems that the local Nature accepted him and he has fewer sleepless, itching nights (finally!). 

He actually is writing the text you are reading, managing the website, contacting the guests, doing some of the artwork, video/photo content, and annoying Lady by leaving his stuff in the kitchen ( but he is working on this!).

the team of affordable ayahuasca healing retreat Iquitos peru


This señorita is passionate about many things: food, attention, scratching, swimming, etc. But nothing has a bigger place in her heart than playing with a stick. She can do it for hours and the only person that can keep up with her in this delight is Joshua.

She and her team of dogs are taking care of our security and warming our hearts.

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This young man, on his 24th birthday, was complaining that he is really old. 

Antonio is a very kind and humble guy. He is able to help with any task at hand due to his incredible learning speed. From construction to facilitating the ceremonies, from gardening to translating - he can handle anything!

He has wonderful English (that he learned by himself) and he is constantly practicing to get better. His goal is to become a marvelous storyteller in order to entertain tourists with the stories and legends of his people. 

One day he will start a popular YouTube channel and will visit New York. We will keep you posted about that!

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