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affordable ayahuasca healing retreat Iquitos peru

Deepening your experience

Even by having our support along your journey, only you can leverage your experience and make it as deep as needed. Every action matters and adds to the overall outcome of your retreat. 

Doing any of the practices described below is not mandatory, but each of them can give you the energy and skill to pierce additional layers of depth.


Guided meditation

Having sharp and trained attention is a very powerful ally during the ceremony. This can help you to look closer at the traumas, fears, and pain without panicking and as a result, learn more. 

We insistently suggest the participants start a small meditation routine before the retreat and join our morning meditation session.



Ayahuasca is healing on different levels. When it addresses the physical body, it executes pressure on it as well, therefore to handle it more efficiently, we conduct the yoga sessions in the mornings. It helps to get rid of the unnecessary body blockages, that can challenge the participant during the ceremony.


Sexual Abstinence

Some Ayahuasca traditions recommend sexual abstinence as means of enhancing the effect and getting additional strength.

 Based on our experience and feedback from shamans, we suggest at least 10 days before your retreat, abstaining from any sexual activity.

It will give you the sharpness that will be quite handy while navigating difficult parts of your journey.



Fasting is known to be an extremely powerful tool for spiritual development. For Ayahuasca, it is also used to increase the efficiency of the medicine and lower the unpleasant effects ( diarrhea, vomiting).

During the day of the ceremony, we suggest making at least an 8-hour fast before the ceremony. Prolonging it to 12+ hours will also be a good idea.


Our approach towards conducting the retreats has been developed based on our own experience of being guests of different centers. We listen to the needs of the people that are coming to us and act in accordingly.

Therefore if you need help with something that we can do, please let us know.

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