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Our Shamans

The importance of the shaman in an Ayahuasca ceremony is hard to overestimate.

 If the Ayahuasca brew provides the energy, and fuel for the experience, then the shaman is directing and structuring it. One could say that the shaman is creating a "spiritual path" which is used by all the participants for their own individual journeys. The better the path created, the smoother and deeper the experience. 

We understand that the well-being of our guests, the outcome of their experience, and our reputation depend in big part on our shamans.

The only way to make sure that the shaman is skilled and powerful is by testing his abilities in practice. And this is exactly the approach we are having while selecting them for our center. 

Once in a while, we invite a new shaman that was recommended to us and conduct a number of ceremonies without guests. After that, we have an internal discussion, and based on a number of criteria, we make the decision. on whether or not to work with the shaman.

As a result, we have an increasing list of reliable shamans that serve well to us and all our guests.

Maestro Urias 

The main instrument for the ceremony is his powerful voice. He is singing in the Shipibo language and each word is cutting and shaping the ceremonial space in fractal patterns of incredible beauty. His lifelong experience and ancestral knowledge allow him to handle with ease any situation.

Urias is a loving husband and father of two children. He worked with our center for years and has proven himself to be a reliable and trustworthy man in service of our guests and Sacred Medicine.

Urias is a descendant of a well-known lineage of shamans of the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon. 

He started his training at 16 years old, and he is saying that the decision of him becoming a shaman belongs to the Ayahuasca itself.

Urias singing
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Maestro Jairo

Jeiro singing
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For the first time, Jairo was introduced to the Ayahuasca when he was 13 years old. His father was his mentor and teacher. From him, Jairo learned how to contact the spirit world and how to work with Ayahuasca plant medicine.

Throughout his 28 years of experience, he managed to perfect the knowledge he inherited from his father. He learned the power of multiple plants and trees that can be used for the healing of everyone in need. 

     Now Jairo is a demanded maestro that is often invited to conduct ceremonies abroad.

Besides guarding the ancestral knowledge of using Ayahuasca, Jeiro is a true artist and innovator. He is experimenting with healing sounds in order to enhance the curative effect of his craft.

      He is very kind and always has a respectful and benevolent attitude toward our guests. He always enjoys swimming with them in the Amazon River :)

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